Defensive Firearms Training Designed for Women & Families

Our training is not physically demanding and is taught in a stress-free, non-judgmental, relaxed atmosphere for those with little to no firearms training experience.*

*Concealed carry permit required

What We Do

Entry-Level Armed Defensive Training

A.T.A.C. is an entry level, fundamentally focused, basic armed defensive training company designed for women and couples who have little to no firearms training experience. 

Everything is provided in the course to include suppressed firearms, equipment and ammunition.

It is our mission to equip you with the fundamental skills needed to effectively defend and survive in a real-life scenario. This is best done by creating an enjoyable environment that is low stress, and not physically demanding.

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Paradigm shift: A.T.A.C.'s Firearm Training for Women

“Most schools teach the primary objective is to shoot the target. We teach the primary objective is NOT to be shot by the target…”

Pick from four different classes: Home Defense, Vehicle Defense Public Defense, Practical Exercises
Each class has a maximum of 4 guests. Small classes, with 1 on 1 instruction, allows us to identify your capabilities and limitations helping you build a skill set specific to you.

The number of custom-built ranges at our training facility.

Why We Do It

To increase your confidence using a firearm defensively

Unfortunately, the American Mayberry of the 1960’s (i.e. “The Andy Griffith Show”) no longer exists. Over 50 years later, due to the rise of violent criminal actions from international and domestic threats, Americans are justified to invest in their own self-defense.

A.T.A.C. provides an option for the American firearm owner to address the clear and present danger in modern America. We’ve blended the psychology of shooting with urban techniques to create a defensive tactical training program.

Most schools teach the primary objective is to shoot the target. We teach the primary objective is NOT to be shot by the target.

You better gird your loins, buster. You got a fight on your hands.

Barney Fife, "The Andy Griffith Show"

What Makes A.T.A.C. Different?

All Ammunition Provided

Nothing required to bring to this course, we even provide lunch! The firearms, equipment and ammunition included.

No Hearing Protection Required

The firearms are .22 caliber pistols and rifles fitted with suppressors. No hearing protection required! The firearms are light weight, low recoil with no overpressure. This allows you to fire hundreds of rounds in six hours of training without reaching firearm fatigue.

3D Life-Like Targets

The targets are 3-D, life-like, fully-clothed, human-manifestations with integrated bullet traps. The bullet traps provide instantaneous feedback for correct shot placement instead of looking for holes in paper after a drill.


All training is conducted in two person teams separate from the other guests. This lowers peer pressure, anxiety, and stress; but most importantly allows for specialized individual instruction.

Attentive Instructors

A 2:4 instructor to guest ratio for each class; and 1:1 ratio during firing exercises.

360° Range

A 360-degree range includes two low light ranges to teach familiarization with gun lights and lasers.

Real-World Environments

Nine different ranges that will allow you to fire on, in and around vehicles and structures where most Americans will encounter an armed altercation.

Learn the Basics

ATAC is an entry level course for women and families with little to NO firearms experience.

Only four guests per class…this is personalized training.

Real-World Training From U.S. Army Special Operations

Meet Your Instructors

A.T.A.C. was Established 2017 and designed by a retired military couple with over 46 years of combined service in the US Army Special Operations. They served as enlisted, as well as officers. Travis served as a Green Beret, while Ashley served in Psychological Operations.

Travis and Ashley have multiple combat tours in Afghanistan bringing real world experience to the range from being shot at and having to shoot back!

David is a life long friend of the Worlocks with over 30 years in the construction industry. David built the intricate range complex and is an instructor that embodies the soft spoken, respectful attributes that personifies A.T.A.C.

Meet Travis

A.T.A.C. Owner/Operator

Travis Worlock, co-founder of Appalachian Tactical Acquisitions Course

Former U.S. Army Green Beret​

Meet Ashley

A.T.A.C. Owner/Operator

Ashley Worlock, co-founder of Appalachian Tactical Acquisitions Course

Former Psychological Operations

Meet David

Course Instructor

Tactical Range Engineer

The Office

Just Over Yonder!

Shady Valley, TN

Located in Shady Valley, TN, the range is a repurposed century old Appalachian Tobacco Farm. It has a climate-controlled office with men and women bathrooms. A small break area with a kitchenette is provided for our guests.

With the exception of one range, all our courses are covered from the elements. Most firearm training courses can be a miserable experience dealing with rain, heat and insects. We specifically designed A.T.A.C. to be as comfortable as possible mitigating those environmental distractions.

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any question you might have—we’re an open book!

Course Registration Form

2020 Registration is Now Open!

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*Concealed Carry permit required