Explore our 360 Degree Tactical Ranges

If you train on a one directional range, what is your competency level carrying in public…a 360 degree environment?

Perpendicular Flat Range

The perpendicular flat range allows you to become familiar with our firearms, equipment, and safety protocols. We teach moving marksmanship, the use of cover and concealment, and partner team drills reacting to an active shooter.

A.T.A.C. Alley Range

Imagine walking down a small street or in a parking lot when an armed altercation erupts. The range allows you to move, with your partner, through ten vehicles. You and your partner will use the vehicles as both cover and concealment while firing at target mannequins set in the open and behind cover.

Partition Range

Imagine being on a school campus, mall, or office complex when an armed altercation takes place. The partition range training is to shoot and move through doors and engage targets shooting through tight corridors.

Under Vehicle Range

Imagine being caught in an open area or parking lot with the vehicle as the only source of protection to defend against an active shooter. This block of instruction uses the differences between a vehicles cover versus concealment areas. 

The training incorporates a practical shooting exercise in how to return fire using the belly of the vehicle as low concealment and the wheels as cover. The training reveals the challenges of magazine changes and the flexibility required to get into a proper position and how to defend from it.

Room Clearing Range

Imagine being in your home or a neighbors house when you hear the suspicious noise a home intruder might make. The course teaches you the fundamentals of how to enter a room depending on the door placement and swing. You will be engaging fully clothed life size 3D human forms at close quarters, not pictures of bad guys stapled to a target stand.

Windshield Shot Range

Imagine yourself at the mercy of an armed aggressor driven by road rage, or an attempted car jacking. Good people don’t typically have the luxury of determining the time and place of the armed encounter.

You have no escape option, your vehicle has been disabled or trapped by the environment. You have seconds or less to defend yourself from the violent criminal assault protecting yourself and or loved ones in the car with you.

The course exposes you to the environment inside a vehicle from discharging rounds through the front and back glass as an emergency action measure.

Linear Flat Range

The Linear Flat Range redirects your movement forward providing the fundamentals of magazine changes, round count, partial magazine usage, and clearing malfunctions. You will learn to shoot and move from the last covered position while engaging threats. The range exercises your dexterity in using both hands equally to operate the firearm.

Lemon Lot Range

Imagine being in a traffic jam or a parking lot when an armed altercation develops. The range teaches you and your partner how to defend from within a vehicle against threats at 360 degrees. 

 You will be introduced to techniques and procedures requiring you to maneuver a firearm inside a car full of loved ones. The course also teaches procedures in how to efficiently but tactically evacuate the vehicle while using the vehicle as both cover and concealment.

Shoot House Range

Imagine receiving a text from a loved one inside your home during a break in. There is now an intruder in your home, your loved ones are laying on the floor in the bedroom. You stand at your front door with a firearm in hand. 

 What you do next is a matter of life and death. The next move is yours and hopefully you are bringing more options to the table than a concealed carry class provided or what you learned at a indoor shooting range.

School Bus Range

Dealing with a hostage rescue onto a school bus with a firearm is not the purpose of the training. We do not expect that you will ever be in a situation like that.

The school bus allows us to remove light from the equation to familiarize you with gun lights and a laser. There are a few more teaching points engineered into the school bus that are environmental and must come unexpected to gain the full value of the training.

Public Intersection Range

Imagine being caught in the middle of a public intersection that has developed into a riot, such as we have seen across the country. Gunfire is echoing all around as you move to escape the situation taking cover in near by stores that are being robbed and looted.

Just because someone has a gun like object in their hand doesn’t make them a threat. How do you tell the difference, is target discrimination. You must consider that those situations come with both literal and legal threats against you if you made a bad decision.

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