Tactical Defensive Firearms Training Courses

A.T.A.C. offers a variety of tactical training courses designed to be low stress, not physically demanding and—most importantly—fun.

*Concealed carry permit required

Introduction Course

The Introduction courses are defined by focusing on pistol or rifle for marksmanship training. You will learn the fundamental of firearm safety and operation. The course is for those who have little to no experience with a semi-automatic firearm.

From: $275.00

All firearms, ammunition and equipment are included during your training. We use suppressors (or silencers), which eliminates your need for hearing protection. This allows all your senses to be fully engaged during your training and allows you to remain fully aware of your surroundings.

*Tactical training is not advanced shooting.

Building Course

This course consists of four different ranges: Partition course, Room Entry,
Ant Farm and the low light Shoot House. Guests will be focusing on the use of cover, concealment and shooting while moving through doorways, hallways and corridors. This course is for those who have fired at least 100 rounds in a semi-automatic pistol.

From: $275.00

Vehicle Course

This course consists of five different ranges: ATAC Alley, Under Vehicle Shot course, Windshield Shot course, Lemon Lot and the low light School Bus. The course focuses on the use of cover, concealment and shooting while moving on, in and around vehicles.

Coming next year!


Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any question you might have—we’re an open book!

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*Concealed Carry permit required